Notes by the Composer


These 'Fantasies' are original compositions. The Chopin Mazurkas which appear at the opening and sometimes recapitulate at the closing of these pieces are the motives which formed the initial inspiration to these flights of fancy. These are Fantasies, not unlike dreams where episodes slide into each other and merge from sequence to sequence without obvious segmentation. For this reason, the performance indications, such as dynamics and metronome marks are only suggested approximations and the performer is encouraged to let the pieces inspire his or her imagination and play with freedom of expression. As I travelled and lived in many countries, their influences are felt in my music. You will discover not only the atmosphere of Poland but also of Japan and not only the Mazurka but also of other music, like jazz and popular songs. 

From a technical point, some of the chords might be too broad for players with small hands. They can be arpeggiated  or otherwise musically adapted to make it playable. So please enjoy and join with me in this trip into fantasy world.